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The Interior Call

Interior Call preview of our online call where we discuss your interior problem and solve it within an hour. Interior Design Batch Interior in Valencia

Do you experience home as if it's really made for you?

Or do you still struggle with unsolved issues?

Calling Batch Interior will help you to make the right decisions and to finetune your home.  

Interior designer Carline Batavier working on styling a project in Valencia

All your answers batched in one call

I believe that living in a home which really suits you and makes you feel comfortable and at ease, should be achievable to everyone. However, sometimes interior design issues are too complex to ignore or they are too small to engage an interior designer for. 


My solution to overcome these barriers is The Interior Call.

Created to ease the process of asking an Interior designer for advice. It’s just one phone call away, no matter the complexity of the question or situation. 

The most common barriers I've heard: 

"We are renting a house, if we buy a house we will get an interior designer.”

“I just have one question, which is probably too simple to engage an interior designer for."

“I don’t know what paint color to choose for this room.”

“I don’t know what to do with a particular corner in my living room.”

“We can’t figure out what style we like."


Do you recognise yourself in the barriers above? 

If you are not quite sure whether you could use my help, feel free to send me a message with your question.

If you are ready to start, lets schedule a call! 


Schedule a call

Ready to go?

Select the service, fill in your details and your booking will be requested. Within 5 days you will have a response. 

Schedule a call

Would you like to discuss some other plans?

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