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Carline Batavier

Interior Designer

A Bit About Me

Bamboe paper


Writing about myself, I must admit I find that quite difficult. I come from the south of the Netherlands, where it is always very friendly and our door was always open for friends. The Bourgondic life. For my studies, I moved to the big city Rotterdam. There I got to know the straightforward mentality. This is also the definition of my character, friendly but a bit straightforward

Interior design has always been in my life, whether as a child in my own room or unasked for in my parents' living room. It fascinated me. Eventually, I went for an education and started working for an interior design agency. After which, I decided to go into the world of events and educate myself in this field. I always had the idea that I might combine these two worlds one day. After the second study and a year of work, I decided to start Uw Batavier, at the beginning of COVID19. The first year, I did not give it enough attention because I had three other jobs besides it. For example I was also a full time teacher at university and worked for another interior design agency. In 2021, my boyfriend and I left and moved to Valencia. I decided to do things differently and really focus on my own company, Uw Batavier became Batch Interior. 

Batch Interior is all about batching your interior wishes and making them come to life. People often ask me what my style is and what my own house looks like. That shouldn't matter at all. In my opinion, a good interior designer can both listen and translate, and that's exactly where my strength lies. I listen to your wishes and look at your way of living. What do you find important and how can we ensure that your house and your life communicate with eachother. These elements, together with your prefered style, are central. My preference does not play a role in this. 

I look forward to making the clients of Batch Interior happy in their home by Batching it for them.


Love, Carline

Work Experience

September 2021 - Current

April 2020 - Current

October 2020 - September 2021

September 2020 - Juli 2021

September 2015 - January 2020

September 2012 - Juli 2015

When I started walking

Moved to Valencia to work as an entrepreneur.

Interior Designer, self-employed 

Interior designer at Interieur Conceptstore Roterdam 

Teacher bachelor Leisure & Events management at Hogeschool Rotterdam

Studied all about project and event management. Started organising events and realised the importance of styling and interior design in this industry. 

Learned all about interior design, styling and design at school and on various internships.

Re-decorating my own room every time my mom told me to clean it.

Want to know more and see what I can do for you?

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