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Title photo of the project A garden Guesthouse created by Batch Interior designer Carline Batavier in Valencia.
Start proces

A Garden Guesthouse

Floorplan design

Amidst the whispering leaves and the gentle symphony of rustling branches, a hidden gem awaited its transformation – a garden guesthouse. Within its open-plan expanse, the union of a restful sanctuary and a warm gathering haven became the heartbeat of our endeavor. This project was all done from a distance showing that creating a floorplan is possible even without seeing the property it self. 

How it started

Starting with some photos of the property, it's evident that there is immense potential waiting to be unlocked. There is some work to be done, but this property has some beautiful authentic details that hold the promise of a captivating narrative waiting to unfold. I'm excited to breathe new life into its cherished character.


Spacious & functional

With the limited space and some structural elements that can not be moved, the design process began.

A large boulder incorporated into the lower wall that is working as a bench. The rock is possible to be removed.

Floorplan photo of the project A garden Guesthouse created by Batch Interior designer Carline Batavier in Valencia

A pizza oven in the corner of this kitchen.

A large serving bar with space for kitchen elements behind it.

Living room area

Dining area

Bedroom area

Kitchen area

A wood-burning fireplace with a flue to the outside.

How it went

In crafting the floorplan design for the garden guesthouse, I envisioned three distinct options, each offering a varying degree of transformation.


The first two options elegantly balance space optimization and storage solutions, with the added versatility of a sleeping sofa for your guests' comfort. Moving forward, the third design elevates the guesthouse experience, featuring a full-standing bed and a strategically placed wall that not only offers privacy but also defines a dedicated bedroom sanctuary within the open layout.

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