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Batch Interior designer Carline Batavier explaining a project to a client in Valencia

Hi to you,

Offering a house is one side of the story. But how do you find the link with the customers that fit that house? As an expat myself I am heavily involved in this community and I can help you find the right customer out of the thousands of expats that move to Valencia every year.

Moreover I will help you overcome the language barrier as most expats are not fluent in Spanish yet. 

Understanding the preferences

I can help clients visualise themselves in the property, this will limit the number of house visits they need which saves us all time. 

Do you want to start this partnership? 

There are two ways how this works.



Want to become a connection?

Making a house a home

I can provide you with our staging service where I fully furnish and decorate a house. This gives a potential buyer more insight into the possibilities of the house during a viewing. It can provide just the extra bit of convincing that is needed. 

For a proper staging, I first have an inventory round in which I visit the house, determine the style, budget and measure everything. 

The house will be fully furnished in order to give a potential buyer the right idea about the possibilities of the house. We can always discuss if the new owner would like to purchase one of the added items. 

Batch Interior Designer Carline Batavier working on a styling for an interior project in Valencia
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